The Amazing Spider Man

Spider-Man is Alex's favorite superhero. He looks up to him as a fictious role model. He realizes Spider-Man is more than just a man that can swing from webs and climb walls. He sees him as a person who can be related to by the common man. Spider-Man is a true hero to him


Peter Parker, a common teenage boy, was bitten by a a radioactive spider. He later discovered that he had gained spider like powers and used them to become famous. Due to having the power go to his head he refused to stop a criminal as he ran by him stating that "he was tired of being pushed around and decided to look out for number one". Little did he know that the robber would become a murderer. He went home that night to find that his loving Uncle Ben had been murdered. Peter dawned his Spider suit and found the murderer only to find that he had been the robber he had let go. Peter tied up the robber and left him to the police. Peter then realized that "great power must also come great responsibilty" and he morphed himself into the amazing Spider-Man. He fought crime because he knew that it was his reponsibilty to do so.