Me, Alex Jackson

&nbsp Alex Jackson was born November 9, 1997. He is the son of Thomas Jackson and Anne Jackson.

Childhood YearsEdit

Alex, even as a child, quiet. He never caused much of a ruckkus and never whined or cried. He was nice to everyone and anyone he met. Although, he was rather wily in his younger years. He would cry if he didn't win a game. He would whine when he didn't get what he would want. He, in general was a baby prick. Alex did have two main friends who didn't mind, although their names are lost to him as he forgot who they were. Alex also was quite the ladies man, but he wasn't interested in having a girlfriend at the time. He had alot of friends who were girls. The vast majority actually were the females in the classroom, at Genesis Day Care. He once even was dog piled when he was three years old by these girls. If only that would happen now *sigh*.

Development in Art skillsEdit

While at Genesis Day Care, Alex developed an artistic ability. He began to draw things that he saw, or things that he thought of. He began to carry around a notebook full of drawings. He doesn't have this notebook anymore since it was lost many, many years ago. His drawing skills spiked when he met Mr. Sam . Mr. Sam showed him a great deal of things about drawing. One of his fondest memories of Mr. Sam drawing was when he was drawing a sparrow. Everything about the bird was flawless and perfect. It later came to symbolize hope for Alex. but what really spiked his interest was when he was Mr. Sam showedd him a How-To-Draw-Superheroes book. Alex was immediatley drawn in by the wide array of super powered beings that could be drawn. Alex studied this book for long periods of time, hoping one day that he would be able to draw just as good, or even better. That day would come in his later years as a teenager.

Elementary SchoolEdit

The day finally came when Alex was ready for Elementary school he was so nervous that he could barely stand it. He felt like he was betraying all those he had come to know and love to these new people that he had never met before. But his mother insisted so he went to school anyway. Alex met a whole new array of people. He was very shy because of these people. On the first day Alex didn't know his first name was Thomas so when they called Thomas for roll call he didn't answer. His mother was worried and she rushed down to the school only to find him sitting there normally. She explained to him that his first name was Thomas and that if anyone called for him by that name to either answer to it or tell them he liked to be called Alex.